• Paragraph 1 -- Protagonist 
          *significant details about how the main character looks and feels inside
    Paragraph 2 -- Antagonist
          *significant details about how the character who brings the conflict to the protagonist looks       and feels inside
    Paragraph 3 -- Setting
           *significant details about where and when your story is taking place
    Paragraph 4 -- Conflict
          *fully explain the problem the antagonist has brought to the protagonist
    Paragraph 5 -- Rising Action
          *write so that your plot gets more and more interesting
    Paragraph 6 -- Climax
          *this is the highest emotional point in your story (don't hold any of your ideas back!!)
    Paragraph 7 -- Falling Action
          *tie up loose ends of your plot, tell us what happened the next day to your characters
    Paragraph 8 -- Denouement (Conclusion) 
           * end your story in a way which the reader will always remember