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    About Mr. Williams:
    This is my 6th year teaching Mathematics at West Forsyth after completing my Bachelor's Degree (B.A) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and my Master's Degree (M.A.Ed.) in mathematics education from Wake Forest University.  I have recently obtained my National Board Certification in Mathematic Education,  Along with my Master's Degree, I completed my work at Wake Forest University to obtain my secondary 9-12 licensure in mathematics.  Currently I am the head coach for men's soccer,  JV men's basketball coach, and assistant athletic director during the spring season.  I am excited to be at West Forsyth and look forward to an exciting school year.  Go TITANS!
    About Mr. Williams' Website:
    This website also provides informational documents such as class syllabus, tutoring schedule, Titan soccer information, Titan JV basketball information, and allows for emailing Mr. Williams. Please do not hesitate to take advantage of this website.  At certain times during the year, answer keys and additional problems will be placed on the website for easy access.

    How to Contact Mr. Williams:
    Email is the best and most direct way for Mr. Williams to be reached. You may find it to your convenience to call the school and leave a message for Mr. Williams. Please make sure to leave a phone number for a return call after school hours with your message.

    Email Address
    : jdwilliams@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

    Phone Contact: (336) 712-4400
    Classroom: 310
    Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Williams.

     My Schedule in Room 310

    Period                                 Class       
    Semester 1  
    1st (A Day)                            Common Core Math 3 Honors (A/B)                                                         
    1st (B Day)                            Common Core Math 3 Honors (A/B)
    2nd                                         Essentials for College Math (BLOCK)   
    3rd                                          Planning                                                         
    4th                                          Essentials for College Math (BLOCK)                                                           
    Semester 2
    1st (A Day)                            Common Core Math 3 Honors (A/B)                                                         
    1st (B Day)                            Common Core Math 3 Honors (A/B)
    2nd                                         Math III (Block)  
    3rd                                          Essentials for College Math (BLOCK)                                                         
    4th                                          Planning                                                        

    If a student is unable to attend these times and you feel like you need tutoring, please speak to Mr. Williams for other arrangements. Mr. Williams reserves the right to cancel tutoring sessions in case of another meeting or event. Sessions ARE a wonderful opportunity for students to ask questions about a lesson, study for a test or quiz, complete homework assignments, or make-up assignments. Tutoring sessions ARE NOT for Mr. Williams to re-teach an entire lesson, so students need to come prepared with specific questions.

     West Forsyth Mission Statement
     "Our mission is to provide an opportunity for all students to reach their optimal potential in an ever-changing, highly technical global society."

     "Nuestra mision es proveer una oportunidad para todos los estudiantes para que alcancen su potencial optimo en una sociedad constantemente cambiante y sumamente tecnica."
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