• Heredity and Genetics Vocabulary List

     Offspring-a person or animal’s children

     Population-all the inhabitants of a particular town, city, country, or ecosystem.

     Species-all the members of the same type of organism

     Gene-A unit of heredity that is transferred from parent to offspring.  Genes carry traits.

     Heredity-the passing of a physical characteristic (trait) from one generation to another

     Inherited trait-a physical feature that a person gets from one or both of their parents.  Examples include eye color, hair color, height.

     Learned trait-characteristic that is learned from another person or people (like your parents).  Examples would be the walking and talking.

     Physical trait-characteristic that describes how you look

     Resemble-have qualities that are similar

     Variations-differences within the same type of species.  Humans have many variations between people everywhere.