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    You can research careers on this site by opening the link for “Plan” (in orange near the top) and choosing “Plan for a Career”, “Explore Careers.”  Use the search box to find a career or search via Career Clusters. This site also allows you to create your own login. Once created, you can complete career assessments which will assist you in determining which careers are best suited to your interests, personality, and talents. 
    Search for information about careers via the “Occupation Search” box, or find occupations via the “Find Occupations” drop down menu which includes choices for occupations with a bright outlook, related to the green economy, related to STEM, as well as other options.
    This is one of the best resources available. It is developed by the U.S. Government and includes many career choices. There are many ways to search careers. The simplest is to use the box labeled “Search Handbook” near the top right hand side by typing in the name of the career you wish to read about. But you can also find careers via the links in the white box in the center of the page entitled “Select Occupations By” which includes options such as highest growth rate, median pay, highest paying, etc.
    Salary.com provides a variety of resources including researching careers by salary and educationa background. This site also provides valuable information on work/life balance, the importance of volunteering, and professional development.