• Biotechnology I - Honors 
    pH This course uses an investigative approach to study the basics of biotechnology research and practices.  Good Manufacturing Practices, basic laboratory procedures,  record keeping  are addressed throughout the course.   Content areas addressed include cellular biology, chemistry, and algebra.   Students will have experience preparing laboratory solutions,  using sterile technique,  using laboratory equipment, engaging in problem-solving, and developing a working vocabulary that will allow them to effectively work in a biotech lab.

    Course Content

    A. Biotech Industry
    B. Lab Skills
    •   Lab Safety
    •   Basic Biology Behind Biotech
    •   Measurements
    •   Lab equipment
    •   Make solutions and dilutions
    •   Lab Notebooks
    C. FDA Regulations 
    • Good Lab Practices
    • Good Clinical Practices
    • Good Manufacturing Practices 
    D. Bioethics
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