• Biotechnology II - Honors
    blu This course will address the application of biotechnology tools used in the bringing a biotech product to market, including gene cloning and DNA manipulation as well as protein isolation/purification.  Microbiology, immunology, pharmacology, regenerative medicine and nanobiotechnology will also be covered during this course.  This course addresses these topics at an advanced level both in concepts and lab skills.
    Prerequisite:  Biotechnology I.
    Course Content

      A. Microbiology and Cell Culturing
      B. Gene Expression

    •  Overview of Gene Expression
    •   Gene Cloning/DNA Techniques
    •   Protein Isolation Techniques

      C. Therapeutic Applications of Biotech

    • Immunology
    • Regenerative Medicine
    • Gene Therapy
    • Pharmacology
    • Nanobiotechnology 

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