CAC General Body notes 2020-2021

CAC General Body notes 2019-2020

  • GB meeting notes Feb. 13.2020

    CAC GB notes Feb.13.2020

    Call to Order

    at 7:35 am by Wendy Hall


    *Wendy went over the purpose of the Classified Advisory Council and the Meeting Rules (Norms) of a Classified Advisory Council. See handout




    Sam Mills poke on behalf of Dr. Hairston


    Qaurter sales tax

    -will bring in 13 million to teacher supplement

    -locally funded

    -hopes that it will generate revenue to catch us up

    Classified survey study

    -will bring up classified salary

    -takes a couple of years to figure out how much we are supposed to make

    -Dr. Hairston is trying to build up our budget.

    -Teachers get 35% of local funds

    Tuesday board voted on budget priorities

    Classified Survey is top priority


    Questions and Concerns

    -Is there a plan if the quarter cent tax is not approved?

    -Will teacher supplement continue?

    -When will here results from salary study?

    Answer: It’s ongoing there is no definite date.


    Cost of salary study - $70,000, done by outside private company.

    Job description study is first then salary study is part two.

    Are physical therapist included in the study?

    -Sam will look into the 1st part (Employee Job Descriptions)

    -Our budget is being compared to other counties.

    -There is still confusion on what time employees report to work on 2 hour delay or early didmissal days.

    -Email your Rep with any other Questions.

    -Sam Mills email :



    Pam Hensdale is the new liaison on the Executive Team.

    There are 2 vacant positions on the Executive Team

    Survey packets were distributed to all schools.

    Next Meeting May 14 @ 7:30am


    Meeting adjourned at 9:05 am

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  • GB meeting notes Sept. 26. 2019


     DATE: Thursday, September 26, 2019

    TIME: 7:30 am

    LOCATION: Education Building Room 219

    Call to Order at 7:30am by Wendy Hall



     New Superintendent Dr. Pringle Hairston



    2019-20 Executive Team Members


    Questions and Concerns

    -TA’s being told on Fridays that they we will Sub on Monday

    -Principals not communicating CAC meeting dates

    -Leave for the day instead of getting Comp time during faculty meeting

    -Contact NCAE Rep about any concerns

    -Suggestion Meet 1 on 1 with all classified Employees in your school

    -TA’s require having a 2 year degree, pay does not reflect that.

    -TA compensation when riding the bus.


    Points of interest 

    Pay issues:

    -Are financial secretaries putting in for sub pay when paraprofessionals sub for that teacher. Also why isn’t there sub pay for a paraprofessional when they sub half day?

    -If a person was hired at the bottom end of their pay grade why can’t they ever move up to the median amount. Example Hired at $1,000 but the range is $1,000-$3,000 for that pay grade.

    -Can we ever get a definitive role for paras? For example: Data managers being asked to do bus lot duty. (we need to find the policy that states at the bottom of job description that states principal can ask you to do what is needed at school.)

    -New people are being hired and making more than veteran employees.

    If you are being asked to put in “workshop” on your timesheet. You shouldn’t have to use your own leave.

    Sub Pay:

    -Paras are wondering why they are being pulled so much to cover other rooms. Some are being asked to cover a room on Friday for Monday and the office not even waiting the weekend to see if a sub on Aesop picks up the job. 

    ERD and Trainings:

    -ERD’s being not seen as beneficial to classroom paras. 

    Can policy be changed to being able to use Annual Leave or comp time on these days, if beneficial training isn’t offered.

    -Can a training in de-escalation of a hostile parent be offered? 


    -We hear several complaints regarding the Evaluation process. 

    -Some have stated that they don’t even see their evaluation. 

    -What is the evaluation for since pay isn’t affect by whether you get a good evaluation or bad evaluation?

    Closing Remarks Dr. Angela Hairston Prinlge, the new district Supeintendent


    Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 9:15 am

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