• Life Management Skills 

    Life Management Skills will prepare students for managing their work life, family life and will help them make informed decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. The guide teaches students about important issues they will face immediately following high school, and will help them live independent, satisfying lives. The unique focus is the interrelationship between work and family, and the fact that neither takes place exclusive of the other. Career development, personal development, relationships, parenting, wellness and nutrition, and resource management issues are discussed simultaneously in the context of the workplace and the home. In addition to addressing life management decisions; the curriculum focuses on basic skills/character education infused throughout the course and provide a valuable frame of reference for discussion and learning. The character development skills will be used to throughout high school and beyond. The students will also use critical thinking, cultural diversity, group interaction, teamwork, and use of technology. These essential skills provide students with a vehicle for life-long learning. It is our goal that students gain skills that will prepare them to be better individuals, parents, citizens, and workers.
Last Modified on October 18, 2015