• Latin I

    Do you want your child to attain higher SAT scores?  Choose Latin!  Do you value better English grammar skills?  Latin is the language for your son or daughter!  Did you know that there is research that backs up those claims, even showing a correlation between studying Latin and higher Math scores, as opposed to students of the major modern languages?  Latin boosts logic and analysis – skills important in Technological careers.  Latin, of course, is intrinsically important to a pursuit of careers in Science, Medicine, Nursing, and Law.  Many college admission officers have gone on record to praise the study of Latin as challenge that tips the scale in that student’s favor, as they stand out even more and are up to a challenge.  Atkins’ Latin I course is an introduction to the study of the Latin language and Roman culture.  Students learn the basic functions of the language, become familiar with some elements of its culture and increase their understanding of English.  Emphasis is placed on the development of skills in reading and comprehension of adapted texts. Latin I is a basic course in Latin grammar and translation.  Students will also study history, civilization, mythology, and word derivations.   Integration of other disciplines, with special emphasis on English Language Arts, is ongoing throughout the course.

Last Modified on October 28, 2015