• Health Science II - Honors

    Ex This course continues to build on health science skills and is designed to help students expand their understanding of financing and trends of health care agencies, fundamentals of wellness, legal and ethical issues, concepts of teamwork, effective communication and both individual and team response to emergencies.  Students will learn health care skills related to the Health Science Career Cluster pathways.  American Heart Association guidelines will be used for CPR and first aid training. 

    Prerequisite:  Health Science I.
    Course Content


    A. Health care decision making
    B. Legal and ethical issues in health care
    C. Fundamentals of wellness
    D. Safety Procedures
    E. Infectious Control
    F. Therapeutic services
    G. Health Informatics
    H. Support services
    I. Biotechnology research and development
    • CPR
    • First Aid
    • Possible Clinical Internship


Last Modified on October 21, 2015