• Nursing Fundamentals - Honors

    EM Seniors only) Two credits.  Designed for students interested in medical careers  where personal care and basic nursing skills are used. Students that display the  highest level of maturity and skill have the opportunity to care for real patients  and sit for the State Certified Nursing Assistant test. This certification is highly  recommended for medical school, physical therapy and other professions as  completion demonstrates the ability to function in the health care field. It  should  be noted that acceptance into Fundamentals may be competitive and  require  recommendations and  rubrics to determine the applicant pool. 

     Prerequisite:  Health Science II.
    Course Content

    A. Activities of Daily Living

    1. Hygiene
    2. Dressing and Grooming
    3. Nutrition and Hydration
    4. Elimination
    5. Rest/Sleep/Comfort

    B. Basic Nursing Skills

    1. Infection Control
    2. Safety/Emergency
    3. Therapeutic/Technical    Procedures
    4. Data Collection and Reporting

    C. Restorative Skills

    1. Prevention 


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