• Foods II - Food Technology Honors

    This honors level, science based course focuses on exploring the food industry from “farm to table”.  Students will examine production, processing, preparation, preservation, and packaging principles.

    Course objectives will include:

    ·      Understand food analysis

    ·      Understand the physical and chemical properties of food

    ·      Understand the functions of food constituents: water, nutrients, enzymes

    ·      Understand food additives and food substitutes and related government regulations

    ·      Understand how microorganisms affect food quality and safety

    ·      Understand non-microbial food hazards and allergen labeling

    ·      Understand food production systems

    ·      Understand the impact of biotechnology on the food industry

    ·      Apply procedures to get a new food product to market

    Required Prerequisite: Foods I – Fundamentals or Culinary Arts and Hospitality I or Chemistry, or Physical Science