• Spanish 3 - Honors

    Keeping in mind that Spanish 3 is an Honors class, the pace is quicker and the requirements are much greater than in previous Spanish courses.  Spanish is spoken almost entirely in the class. Students should plan to spend a minimum of 30 minutes daily outside of class studying and preparing homework assignments since advance language skills require excellent study habits.

    In this course, students will develop their ability to comprehend Spanish spoken by native speakers from different countries, converse comfortably in informal situations, express themselves with accuracy and fluency in more formal business or professional situations, communicate effectively, read with comprehension, analyze situations and think critically, express their ideas accurately in writing with appropriate vocabulary and syntax and show an understanding of historical and cultural perspective. Topics and activities will include everyday life and concerns, current affairs, history, geography, art, literature and culture. Material will be based on a variety of resources including lecture, reading, tapes, videos, films, pictures and media.