• Discrete Math

    Welcome to the world of Discrete Mathematics! This discipline of mathematics is viewed as non-traditional based on prior courses that students have taken. An average understanding of Math III and Euclidean Geometry should serve as a sufficient base upon which a student is able to explore the topics of this college-level liberal arts mathematics course. According to the textbook, “Excursions in Modern Mathematics”, the material to be studied will fall into 4 independent categories. The categories are

    (1) Social Choice, (2) Management Science, (3) Shape, Growth, and Form , and (4) Statistics. The Instructor has the liberty to review any Math II or III topics deemed necessary in strengthening student proficiency. This course provides the following assessments: quizzes, tests, Mid-Term (9 week test), and a Final Exam. Projects will be assigned regularly based on when certain topics are taught.

Last Modified on June 18, 2016