• Math 3 Honors
    Welcome to Math III Honors!  We are looking forward to an exciting experience in molding each of you into excellent Math III honors scholars. In this course, students will shift into a higher gear with algebraic topics involving Systems of Equations and Inequalities, Radicals, Conic Sections, and various types of Functions. There will be an in-depth study of Sequences and Series along with Advanced Trigonometry topics. Students will broaden their use of the coordinate plane to include transformations of Special Functions. The main emphasis throughout this course will be that of problem-solving and the use of the graphics calculator in relationship to establishing more abstract algebraic and geometric principles. This course provides the following assessments: quizzes, chapter tests, formative assessments, Mid-Term Exam, and a Final Exam. There will be 2 or 3 projects assigned during this course, each counting as a Test grade.


Last Modified on May 31, 2016