• US History - AP

    This course will prepare you to take the Advanced Placement examination, but will also give you the chance to improve your reading and note-taking skills, your analytical mind, and your writing abilities. We will utilize both primary and secondary sources to gain insight into the changing American society over time, through the use of diagrams, maps, charts, artwork, and audiovisual materials. You will learn how to incorporate the knowledge gained through these sources to better understand the time period, and you will be better equipped to integrate this information into your analysis and subsequent compositions on historical questions. The course will be divided into organizing units, and for each unit we will focus on the changes society made politically, economically, and socially over time. Not only will you have the chance to make your own statements about history, but we will trace the interpretation of history through historiographical analysis. I know you will find the journey ahead both educational and enjoyable.
Last Modified on October 19, 2015