• Chorus 3 - Proficient
    Chorus 3 is an honors-level course designed for students who are ready for more challenging assignments and musical repertoire. Students are placed in Chorus 3 at the director’s discretion. In Chorus 3, students will receive an all-encompassing education in vocal music. Students will work on tone, technique, literature, history, and music theory. Students will receive a weekly participation grade based on in-class performance and preparation (having all required materials each day). Assignments will be significantly more difficult than Chorus 1 or 2. Students will be required to perform in at least two concerts over the course of the year, and in addition will be expected to either perform or audition with an extra-curricular choir (such as all county chorus, all state choir, etc.) OR complete an honors-level assignment as designed by the director.
Last Modified on June 15, 2017