• English 3 AP: Language and Composition

    The course will include intensive study of representative works from various genres and periods, concentrating on works of “recognized literary merit” according to the standards set forth by the Advanced Placement Program, Princeton, NJ.  Students will read works from several genres and periods.  Students are expected to read deliberately and thoroughly, taking time to understand a work's complexity, to absorb its richness of meaning, and to analyze how that meaning is embodied in literary form.   Summer reading and literature of merit from past English courses are all important additions to a student's “repertoire," and students are expected to draw upon past reading experiences for points of comparison/contrast and developments of literary trends.  Reading assignments will be intensive at times, but students are expected to complete the assignments on time.   Writing is an integral part of the AP English Language/Literature and Composition Course because the AP Examination is weighted toward student writing about literature.  Writing assignments will focus on the critical analysis of literature and will include expository, analytical, and argumentative essays.  The goal will be to increase students’ ability to explain clearly, precisely and vividly what they understand about literary works and why they interpret them as they do.  Grading will be according to the rubric set forth by the Advanced Placement Program, Princeton, NJ. 

Last Modified on May 30, 2016