• Yearbook - Honors 

    We have an actual job to do in this class – create the school’s yearbook! Because of our unique student population, we will create a digital book that will be distributed for free to all staff, students, and parents. In addition, it will be made available online at the end of the year to be ordered as a printed book. We want to create an engaging, attractive, and accurate yearbook that represents how exceptional Atkins High School truly is. The work on this multi-step project will be done by students. Creating a yearbook requires a diverse skill set, including photography, graphics and page layout, writing and editing skills, and professional conduct. Some yearbooks in other schools can be biased, play favorites, and not demonstrate the type of ethical standards we all expect from journalists. We will be different. Our goals will include: 1) Creating an effective work environment, 2) Fairly sharing duties and responsibilities, 3) Creating an engaging, attractive, and accurate yearbook, and 4) Represent the qualities of Atkins High School to the best of our abilities. Valuable skills in page layout and design, graphics design and production, project management, and photography and photo editing will be learned and used as students unite in a team-based environment to produce the yearly book!

Last Modified on October 19, 2015