• Newspaper - Honors

    In addition to learning skills important to journalists, we have an actual job to do in Newspaper Honors class – create news articles for the benefit of our school community! The work you do in this class is valuable to our school and it will be appreciated by students, teachers, staff, and parents as we produce new content for the online Caravan News news magazine.

    While creating actual real-world news items, this course will introduce you to the variety of skills necessary in this field.Some of you may have talents as photographers. Some of you like to write. All of you will be introduced to a variety of news types, including news coverage, editorial, and feature writing. At the core of news writing is finding information and presenting it in an objective, unbiased manner. At the other end of the spectrum is delving for the “story” beneath the story and making people come to life on the printed page. Make no mistake – if you become a good writer your 21st-century skill in this area will be an asset no matter what profession you choose. You will also all become extremely good copy editors and proofreaders. The course will also teach you about the journalistic code of ethics and special issues relating to digital media and online publication. By the end of the course, you will be able to spot a story, angle it, research and write it at speed and to a deadline. We will publish your works on the internet and even in local papers. Publication will be its own reward for your efforts because only the best will be chosen, by me, by your peers, and by other editors in the community.

Last Modified on October 19, 2015