• Schoolhouse Radio... Time for Class!
    1st/2nd Period
    11/02 - #299 - What do you do with your Christmas cards when the holidays are over?
    11/03 - #44 - Do you have any ethnic or ancestral traditions you honor during the holiday season? How?
    11/04 - #7 - Someone has graciously offered to make your family a Christmas quilt. It will include many squares, each one representing a different family member. What specific design or image do you want on your square?
    11/05 - #222 - What is your favorite holiday commercial or advertisement? Why?
    11/06 - #175 - What is your favorite holiday of the entire year? Why?
    11/09 - #27 - Regardless of your gender, which role in a live nativity scene is the best one for you? Why?
    11/10 - #12 - Candy canes, of course, are the traditional candy of Christmas. If you could have your way, what would be the official  candy of Christmas? Explain.
    11/12 - #21 - Which of the three following events would you most like to attend during the holiday season? A production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL,  a concert of THE MESSIAH or a performance of THE NUTCRACKER. Explain.
    11/13 - #14 - You've been chosen to host a sensational Christmas special on network television. What three guests (living or deceased) would you schedule to make it the best Christmas special ever? Explain.
    11/16 - #47 - As the Christmas season draws near, what song would you most like to hear? Why?
    11/17 - #25 - If you could have any kind of tree besides the standard evergreen as your Christmas tree, what type would you choose? Why?
    11/18 - #101 - Given the choice, would you rather host people at your home for Christmas or travel and spend the holiday at somewhere else? Why?
    11/19 - #18 - You are a painter and you have been commissioned to create a large oil-on-canvas painting depicting the holiday season. Describe your picture.
    11/20 - #16 - Talk about the last time you made a snow angel OR, what you think it might be like to create a snow angel.
    11/23 - #235 - If you were going to decorate a Christmas tree outdoors for the birds and animals, what would you hang on the tree?
    11/24 - #179 - If you were Santa Claus, what food and beverage would you want children to leave for you on Christmas Eve? Why?
    11/30 - #187 - If you could somehow "jump" into any Christmas carol or song and literally "experience the lyrics," what song would you choose? Why?
    12/1 - #10 - Suppose the latest fad is to wrap your Christmas gifts in anything other than traditional wrapping paper. With what would you wrap your presents? Why?
    12/2 - #24 - In what order do you accessorize your tree? Lights? Ornaments? Garland? Explain.
    12/3 - #6 - Regardless of monetary value, what is the most meaningful Christmas gift you've ever received?
    12/4 - #2 - You're the author of a Christmas novel you hope will become a classic. What is the setting of your story?
    7th/8th Period
    11/02 - #1 - What would the ultimate winter wonderland look like?
    11/03 - #5 - If you were a photographer given the opportunity to go back in history and capture a Christmas photograph, where would you go and what year would it be?
    11/04 - #162 - Suppose you have just arrived from another planet and are getting your first glimpse of this thing called "Christmas." Having never heard of or experienced Christmas in any way, what would be the most fascinating aspect of the season?
    11/05 - #11 - What ingredients go into your favorite Christmas drink or beverage? Explain.
    11/06 - #3 - What is your favorite Christmas scent? Why?
    11/09 - #72 - If you had outstanding promotion and distribution working behind you, what brand-new toy, for children or adults, would you create and introduce? Explain.
    11/10 - #146 - Whose televised Christmas special do you most anticipate watching each year? Why?
    11/12 - #125 - If you were the coordinator in charge of staging a nationwide Christmas event, one in which every American could theoretically participate, what would the event be?
    11/13 - #74 - Where does Santa spend  his summers?
    11/16 - #42 - What would you do with 1000 poinsettia plants? Be specific.
    11/17 - #22 - If you could write a sequel to any Christmas movie ever made, which one would you choose? Describe the plot of your story.
    11/18 - #34 - Of all the musical instruments, which one is most appropriate for the Christmas season? Why?
    11/19 - #77 - In terms of overall size, how large (or small) do you envision Santa's workshop to be?
    11/20 - #37 - Besides the golden rings, which gift from THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS would you most like to receive?
    11/23 - #35 - If you had a miniature Christmas village in your home, what shop, building or other object would be most prominently displayed in your little town? Why?
    11/24 - #301 - As the end of the year approaches, it's natural to reflect on the last twelve months. Which three news stories would you label as the most memorable of the year? Why?
    11/30 - #45 - If you had to move the celebration of Christmas from December 25 to a new date, where on the calendar would you put it? Why?
    12/1 - #107 - If you could go anywhere to reflect and meditate on the meaning of Christmas, where would you go? Why?
    12/2 - #67 - If you could somehow give one of the following intangible gifts to every person, which one would you choose: hope, joy, love or peace. Why?
    12/3 - #100 - You are going to create and market a holiday cologne or perfume. Explain your fragrance.
    12/4 - #6 - Regardless of monetary value, what is the most meaningful Christmas gift you've ever received?