• Habit #1 Be Proactive
    You're in charge of yourself.
    *I have a "can do attitude and always try my best at everything I do.
    *I follow directions and do the right things without being asked, even when nobody is looking.
    *I choose my actions, attitudes, and moods and don't blame others for my wrongdoing.
    Habit #2 Begin With The End In Mind
    Have a plan.
    *I plan ahead and set goals for myself.
    *I am prepared at all times.
    *I think about how the choices I make now will affect my future.
    *I think about the positive or negative consequences of my actions before I act.
    Habit #3 Put First Things First
    Work first, then play.
    *I do the things that I have to do before I do the things that I want to do.
    *I stay focused on what I'm doing. I try to minimize distractions and regroup if I get off task.
    *I spend my time on the things that are the most important.