• Hi. I'm Janice Puckett. In the summer of 2015, I moved from
    Wilmington, NC after living at the beach for over 25 years. I am
    so glad to be teaching 2nd grade at Kimmel Farm Elementary School.
    Second grade is my favorite grade to teach. 
    I have identical twin daughters named Jenna & Rachel. They are
    both grown and married to two wonderful guys that I proudly call
    my sons-in-laws. One lives in Texas and the other lives in the Washington,
    D.C. area.
    I have an outgoing personality. I am friendly and try to speak to people
    ...strangers, as well as those I know. I smile a lot. I am also funny. I am bubbly
    and sometimes zany. Sometimes that gets me into a little mischief. :-)
    I have many interests, but two of my very favorite things to do are dancing
    of all kinds and jet skiing. I also love to travel. My claim to fame is that I have
    traveled in all 50 states, as well as the continents of Australia, South America,
    and Europe. And, of course, I love to read.