• Dr. Brewington has started an Honor Roll at Clemmons Elementary School.  The following are the guidelines that must be met in order to be considered for it:
    • Only A's and B's on Report Card.
    • S's in Work Habits AND Behavior, NO N's permitted (Even with all A's!)

    I will be looking for extremely dedicated and motivated students for the Work Habits and Behavior side.  We now have a notebook in the class where the students are required to write their name and what their infraction is (ex. talking and/or disturbing others around them, no homework, etc.) and this will come into play for the grade of an S or N on Work Habits and Behavior.

     While we have started this, I will continue to encourage each child to do their personal best in class, even if it means they are not on the Honor Roll.  Some children work very hard and may still earn a C.  I do not want a child to feel badly about not getting on Honor Roll.   I want each and every child to come to school ready to learn and do their very best.