• Stay on track with your school assignments!
    The knowledge and skills gained in high school will last a lifetime.  Stay on top of your assignments and plan ahead for deadlines.  Use a weekly planner to help with time management.  Remember, your work ethic in school represents a positive work ethic in the professional world.
    Learn about yourself!
    Identify your strengths and weaknesses.  Complete a career assessment on CFNC to learn about your work interests and work values.  Talk with your school counselor and career development coordinator about career and college options that match your interests.  Choosing a career that matches your interests can lead to future life satisfaction.
    Take high school courses that interest you!
    Explore careers through courses offered at your high school.  Interested in the health care field?  Take a health science course.  Want to run your own business one day?  Then take principles of business and finance or marketing.  Do you like to solve problems by building things?  Then take a technology and engineering course.
    Get experience! 
    Look for volunteer opportunities around your community.  Ask your career development coordinator or counselors about internship opportunities.  Internships allow you the opportunity for hands on learning in a career field of your interest with an experienced professional.  You'll have the opportunity to ask professionals about their likes and dislikes about their job.  Ask about what challenges the face on a daily basis.
    Ask those adults you know about their likes and dislikes about their job! 
    Talk to those you know and ask what they like or dislike about their job.  Many factors go into job satisfaction.... salary, work hours, location, daily stresses, colleagues, ect.... so become aware of what factors are most important to you.  You will be more prepared to make career decisions through being well informed.
    Talk to your parents about school and your future! 
    Your parents are your most valuable resources.  Parents have valuable real life experience.  Your parents can provide support and help you problem solve the transition from high school to the world of work.