• What is WorkKeys?

    The WorkKeys system measures “soft” skills, specifically Applied Math, Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents.  These are skills that employers feel are critical to job success. WorkKeys test results help students understand their strengths and weaknesses and how they can improve their skills in order to qualify for better-paying jobs. Students who take the WorkKeys tests may be eligible to receive a “credential” known as the National Career Readiness Certificate which enables them to document their abilities to future employers. This credential is portable across all US states and shows that the student is work and career ready.

    All students enter the workforce eventually—whether they get a job right out of high school, work part-time while continuing their education, or go to college first.  The WorkKeys system stresses skills development, which is important for every type of employment. WorkKeys job analyses are conducted for every type of employment. WorkKeys job analyses are conducted for a wide range of jobs across the U.S. economy, from jobs that require short-term on-the-job training to those requiring a bachelor’s degree or higher.

    For more information concerning WorkKeys, please go to: http://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/workkeys-for-employers/assessments.html

    Who Takes the WorkKeys Tests and How to Prepare

    Seniors and Early Graduates that meet the criteria to be designated a CTE Concentrator according to their transcripts are given the opportunity to take the WorkKeys tests for free. A CTE Concentrator is a student that has earned a minimum of 2.0 credits in a specific CTE Career Pathway.  One of the credits earned must be a second level CTE concentrator course.  Some examples include, Interior Design, Apparel, Adobe, General Management, Sports Marketing, Foods and Nutrition, Fire Fighter Tech, Automotive, Health Science and Aviation. Because the State of North Carolina pays for identified Concentrators to take the test and because the WorkKeys test is one of the 5 tools the state uses to measure school accountability for CTE, testing for CTE Concentrators is mandatory.

    Unlike EOC’s, CTE Post Assessments or NC Final Exams, students cannot study for the WorkKeys tests because the tests do not examine specific courses. However, students and parents alike can get a feel for the types of questions they will be asked by reviewing sample test questions.  To access the sample questions for each test category, click on the link provided above, scroll down the page to Applied Mathematics, Graphic Literacy, or Workplace Documents and click on the box containing the same title.  To view the sample questions, scroll down the new page and click on "View Sample Item" for each level.

    Finally, it is important to understand that the WorkKeys test scores do not affect college acceptance in any way. In fact, if a student wants to use their WorkKeys scores as part of a college application, they must specifically site the credential on their application.  WorkKeys scores can ONLY help the student.  Scores will not hurt the student in any way, regardless of their performance on the test.  It is a benefit qualified students receive and doing their best on the WorkKeys tests could potentially show employers a student's employability skills and higher wage earnings in the future.

    The Fall ACT WorkKeys Test Date for Senior CTE Concentrators at West Forsyth is Tuesday, November 28th, 2023.

    Any CTE Concentrator senior student that is absent during fall testing on Tuesday, November 28th, 2023 will take the makeup ACT WorkKeys test during the Spring semester on Tuesday, February 20th, 2024.  All senior CTE concentrators as well as senior mid-year grads and any junior early grads that are also CTE concentrators will test in the fall. This is a required assessment for ALL CTE concentrators graduating this school year in January 2024 or June 2024.

    Students that complete the ACT Workkeys assessment on November 28th, 2023 will receive their ACT WorkKeys score reports after winter break.  Please listen for a morning announcement or look for an email from Mrs. Walters (testing coordinator at West) explaining when and where to pick up your score reports. 

    Students will be contacted in early November if required to sit for the ACT WorkKeys assessment on Tuesday, November 28th, 2023. Students required to test will report to the West Forsyth campus on Tuesday, November 28th at 8:30am.  Students will report directly to their testing location on campus (locations TBD).  Testing should begin by 9:10am and end by 1:00pm.  Students are required to stay the duration of time until all testing is complete in their assigned room. Once all testing is complete in the assigned room, students will be dismissed to their afternoon classes and/or lunch break. 

    Students should bring the following items on test day:

      • A photo ID
      • School-issued Chromebook--fully charged
      • If a school-issued CB is not available, then the student will borrow a CB from the media center for test day
      • Pencils, scratch paper and calculators (for the math section) will be provided on test day
Last Modified on September 1, 2023