• Job Hunting: The Application Process

    Finding, applying, and interviewing for jobs can be an overwhelming process.  The following pages and resources will hopefully simplify the process and make your job search more successful!  You will find resume tips and a template to help create that eye-catching document that potential employers see first, typically before ever meeting you in person.  There are also interview tips and suggestions as well as possible questions to consider in an interview. 

    Culturally, we have become very casual.  As you begin your career/job search, you may find it helpful to know what traits employers use to define good employees. Take the following quiz (excerpted from the 12/14/15 Career Solutions Publishing newsletter) to see if you know what those traits are.  If you do, good for you.  If you don't, make an effort to incorporate them into your work habits!  Then check out the resume and interview pages nested within this section. 

    How to Be a Great Employee

    What's the difference between a great employee and an adequate employee?

    A great employee takes pride in doing excellent work, while an adequate employee just wants to get the job done.  If you love what you do, you will do your best.  When you are passionate about your job, you take your first step to becoming a great employee.  Great employees get promotions, pay raises, respect, responsibility, excellent relationships, and career advancement.  Adequate employees get by with slow advancement and limited financial rewards.

    Action: Enter a plus (+) at the left if the sentence represents a great employee and a minus (-) if it indicates an adequate employee.

    ______ 1. I go beyond what I'm told to do. ______
    ______ 2. I stick to deadlines when I can. ______
    ______ 3. I keep trying to improve myself. ______
    ______ 4. I do things right the first time. ______
    ______ 5. I get frustrated with things and people, and they can see it. ______
    ______ 6. I don't miss deadlines. ______
    ______ 7. I wait for someone else to tell me what to do. ______
    ______ 8. I do the best I can without exerting myself. ______
    ______ 9. I tie down all the details before stopping. ______
    ______ 10. I can't wait to stop having to learn new things. ______
    ______ 11. Personal problems bother me at work. ______
    ______ 12. I overcome negative thoughts and look for the positive. ______
    ______ 13. I handle as many details as possible in the time available. ______
    ______ 14. I leave my personal problems at home. ______

     Which employee will you be—great or adequate? Enter an "X" on the right for each description that represents you.

     Numbers that describe great employees: 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 14


Last Modified on September 1, 2023