• Parent Advisory Council
    Tuesday November 17, 2015
    6 p.m. Auditorium 
    Welcome, Amy Villanueva
    • Reflections entries may be submitted at the Education Warehouse
      • Thursday, Nov. 19, 12-4 p.m.
      • Friday, Nov. 20, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
    • Practice ACT @ Reynolds (needs confirmation), Dec. 12
    2016 Bond Referendum Update, Theo Helm (Chief of Staff)
    • See PowerPoint for details
    • Rationale: capacity, age of buildings, programming options
    • Timeline: board briefings, package identification, public forums, presentation to County Board of Commissioners
    • Project identification
    • “Touching” all schools: reshaping media centers
      • Large group discussion
      • Kids have no books (especially math): Answer: (1) Bond-funded projects have to have an extended life span. (2) Fluctuating standards have made purchasing textbooks a difficult decision.
      • Long-term future of HAG programs: AIG Advisory meeting soon to provide input
      • Hanes Magnet location: Board still deciding on priority projects
      • Helpful to address programs rather than just buildings
      • What’s the strategy to maintaining two sites for HAG students?
      • What’s the plan for Brunson?
      • At what point will the proposed projects been more fully explained? Answer: We need to identify the total amount of money to be included in the referendum before we can finalize the list of projects or the specifics.
      • What’s the strategy for increasing middle school capacity? 
      • Recommendations: eliminate security/cameras, really think about the pre-k center
    • Small group discussion: How could we use the bond referendum to affect all schools?
      • Is the cost of the media center improvements a smart choice?
    Low Performing Schools, Superintendent Bev Emory
    • Change in definition that includes schools that met growth has been a difficult reality to absorb
    • Board has passed two resolutions (www.wsfcs.k12.nc.us/lps) 
    • Resolution #1: Plan for supporting low performing schools includes initiatives already in place at the district level (instead of individual school plans)
    • Resolution #2: Addresses district concerns regarding principal assignment outlined in the statute (impossible to comply due to timeline, unfair to principals, hard to recruit effective leaders)
    Technology Update, Kevin Sherrill (Chief Technology Officer)
    • See PowerPoint for details
      • 17,335 Chromebooks being deployed during the week of Dec. 7
      • Great battery life
      • Good for web-based devices
      • Good for testing
      • Distributed by student membership by grade level
          • Elementary, 3:1
          • Middle, 4:1
          • High, 3:1
      • Retiring over 12,000 devices
      • Some schools purchasing new carts with “smart chargers” that only charge devices in need of charging
    • Infrastructure upgrade
      • Installing new “switches” that power wireless networks
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