• History of Hall-Woodward Elementary School

    Hall-Woodward Elementary School was founded in 1976.  It was named for Kathleen Hall and Julius Woodward.  Miss Hall taught in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools for 33 years and was the first teacher to have a school named after her in WS/FCS.  She taught for 57 years total.  Many of her teaching years were at Gray High School, where Julius Woodward was principal for 24 years.  For more information on Miss Hall and Mr. Woodward, click their names below.
    Our principals have been:
    1976 - 1985:  Beverly C. Williams
    1985 - 1990:  Peggy J. Tesh
    1990 - 2004: Rose Stowe
    2004 - 2012: Essie McKoy
    2012 - 2017: Celena Tribby
    2017- 2023: Kenneth Jordan 
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     Photo of portrait of Kathleen Hall in HWES lobby

    Photo of portrait of Julius Woodward from HWES lobby  

     Miss Kathleen Hall

     Mr. Julius Woodward

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