• Grade Information



    • Ms. Walls does not ACCEPT LATE WORK!  All assignments must be turned in at the beginning of class on the day they are due.  Turning in assignments the next day for a lower letter grade is NOT an option.  If you are absent the day an assignment is due, make sure to turn your work in at the beginning of the next class period you are present. 
    • It is your responsibility to get make-up work from Ms. Walls when you miss school.  This should be done before school the morning you return; not during class.  You have 2 school days to complete work that was covered when you were absent.  Failure to complete assignments or make arrangements to do so within the appropriate time frame will result in a zero for each assignment.
    • All returned work must be corrected and kept in your binder.  The exception to this will be tests.  I will return and go over the answers to each test in class, but the test will be returned to me at the end of the period. 


    TUTORING - Students having difficulty in this course should make arrangements for tutoring.  Tutoring is available in room 1006 before school from 8:00 - 8:45 and after school in room 1006 from 3:45- 4:30. Ms. Walls displays her available tutoring times on the board each week. Tutoring allows Ms. Walls the opportunity to work with students individually and address specific problem areas.  Due to possible conflicts in Ms. Walls’ schedule, such as faculty meetings, students MUST give her one day of advanced notice before attending tutoring. 

    Extra credit assignments are not offered.


    There are a variety of ways to do well in this class and help you prepare for tests.  Some of the best methods include:

    1.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!  Quite possibly the most significant problem for students is not completing/doing homework.  Where strong homework habits can help improve your grade, poor homework habits can absolutely DESTROY quarter grades.  Zeros can add up especially fast and Ms. Walls does not drop zeros at the end of the quarter. 
    2. Look over your notes for 20 minutes each night and/or in the morning before classes begin.
    3. Create flashcards for vocabulary terms, equations, concepts, etc. as you learn them.
    4. STUDY!!  In addition to studying on your own, try studying with a friend by quizzing each other out loud.  Use review sheets and daily assignments to guide you towards important information. 
    5. Ask questions.
    6. Attend tutoring!


    Grading Scale for WSFCS

      A   90  -  100

    B   80  -  89

     C   70  -  79

    D   60  - 69

     F   Below 60


    Grades will fall into one of the following categories: Tests/ Labs, Classwork/Homework, Quizzes, and Honors project (ONLY FOR HONORS COURSES)

    -  A test will be scheduled at the end of each unit covering the material completed in class.

    Tests and Labs will make up 60% of quarter grade.

    -  Periodically, quizzes will be given covering smaller amounts of information in a chapter to check for mastery of material/concepts/problems before moving on.

    Quizzes will make up 10% of the quarter grade.

    Classwork and Homework will make up 30% of quarter grade.