• Welcome to PreCalculus @ WSPA !!!

     Picture representing Mrs. Thomas' PRECALCULUS
     Course Description  PreCalculus provides students an honors-level study of trigonometry, advanced functions, analytic geometry, and data analysis in preparation for calculus.”  Applications, modeling, and technology will be used regularly during instruction and assess
    ment.  There are four languages students will become fluent in when dealing with functions.  Students will be able to communicate, interpret, understand and manipulate functions graphically, numerically, analytically and verbally.  They will also be able to translate between these four ‘languages’ as well as recognize the connections and underlying structures.  Students will also use technology to deepen their understanding of PreCalculus concepts and be able to use that technology to problem-solve, interpret results, provide valid support for reasoning and conclusions drawn.  Technology represents the fifth ‘language’ students will need to be fluent in but not dependent upon.  
    Click the following link to my Haiku page where all classroom resources will be located.