• TOYS - Lately the students have been bringing small toys, such as stuffed animals, rubic's cubes and shopkins to class.  Our main focus for the next month is getting ready for EOG's  I am asking for all parents to speak with your child about leaving ALL toys at home.  Not only does this practice take your child's attention from me, but also other children's attention as well.  Thank you for your help in making sure all toys remain at home.
    EOG'S - PLEASE help your child get ready for EOG's.  I have shown the children how to get some practice from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction at  http://www.dpi.state.nc.us/  for examples of released tests.  It helps for them to see the format and examples of questions.  Thank you.
    MATH - We are revisiting area and perimeter again.  This will be the last time they see it before EOG's.  Please work with your child to make sure they can identify and solve for area and perimeter.  Our Unit 15 test will be next Wednesday, May 4th.
    READING - Please encourage your child to read daily from RAZ Kids and Big Universe.  There are hundreds of great books for them to read.   We are reading a fun story this week titled, Two Bad Ants. We are working on the difference between fantasy and realism. 
    SCIENCE - We will be learning all about the muscular and skeletal systems in the fourth quarter.  Our field to Millis Health Center will take place on Tuesday, May 3rd for my class.  Mrs. Leopard and Mrs. Manna will join us.  (On May 2nd will be Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Ledford.)  It is a great trip.  We will not need chaperones for the trip.  Students will be required to bring a bag lunch for the trip as we will eat there.
    SOCIAL STUDIES - We are learning about economics this week.  Your child has homework (due Friday) and 3 interview questions to ask you.  There will be a vocabulary quiz on Friday.
    CONTACT - If you need to reach me for anything, please e-mail me at the following: pmueller@wsfcs.k12.nc.us and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  If it is regarding a last minute transportation issue, please call the school directly in the event I am unable to check e-mail until after school.  The school's phone number is 336-703-4210.