Q:  How much money should I bring for lunch during Freshman Orientation?

    A:  High school meal prices can be found on the WS/FCS website under "Departments" then "Child Nutrition."


    Q:  Will I actually attend class that day and should I bring notebooks, pencils, and paper?

    A:  There is no need to bring notebooks, pencils, and paper to Freshman Orientation.  Freshman Orientation will be a fun day filled with useful information and creative strategies to help you become familiar with Reagan.  You will find your classrooms, meet your teachers, and learn to navigate the hallways of Reagan. 


    Q:  On the first day of school should I report to my 1st period classroom or to my homeroom?

    A:  Report to homeroom on the first day of school.  If you do not know where your homeroom is located, you will see homeroom rosters posted up and down the hallways.  Homerooms are arranged alphabetically and your last name should fall between one of the entries on the roster.  If you have trouble understanding the roster, we will be glad to help you in Student Services.


    Q:  How long are the classes at Reagan and what time do we eat lunch?

    A:  First period begins at 8:55 am and the final bell rings at 3:40 pm.  We have four lunch periods at Reagan
          beginning at noon and ending at 2:05pm.  Your lunch period will be determined by your 3rd period

    Q:  Do I need a doctor's statement in order to participate in sports at Reagan? 

    A:  YES!  You will need a doctor to complete a WS/FCS Athletic Participation Form.  For more information on athletic participation at Reagan, visit our athletics webpage.  Click here to download an athletic participation form.


    Q:  What grading scale is used at Reagan?

    A:  North Carolina switched to a 10-point grading scale for all high school students starting in 2015-16. The grading scale is listed below.  More information on the grading scale can be found on page 2 of the 2016 WS/FCS Registration book.
    90 – 100 = A
    80 – 89 = B
    70 – 79 = C
    60 – 69 = D
    Below 60 = F

    Q:  What are the teachers like at Reagan?

    A:  We are proud of our teachers at Reagan.  Our math teachers realize that math can be a difficult class for many students and make themselves available for extra help mornings and afternoons.  Math tutoring schedules are posted in each math classroom as well as on the Student Services website under "Tutoring Information."  You will also discover that Reagan teachers, regardless of the curriculum department, regularly avail themselves before and after school for those students who need help outside of the classroom.  It is YOUR responsibility to ASK for help!  Reagan teachers strive to develop engaging ways to foster learning.  Don't be surprised to see your chemistry teacher intentionally knock a glass beaker off the table to demonstrate the importance of safety!  You might even witness your English teacher climbing on top of a desk to dramatically quote some literary masterpiece in order to gain your full attention.  Take some time to visit the Reagan teacher webpages over the summer for a sneak preview of what you might expect during the upcoming school year.