• 4th Meeting - Challenge: Build the Tallest Tower

    Posted by Wende Powell on 2/22/2016

    After missing the meeting due to snow days and Make-up Snow Days, we finally were able to get together for our last meeting.  Today's challenge was in honor of "National Engineering Week."  We discussed the engineering process and then worked together in groups to build the tallest tower -- one that could stand up to strong winds (tested with the wind forces of a hair dryer!)  Look at some pictures to see some of the fun we had!

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    The Builders-of-the-Week are.......................................................................................

    Ahmed and Noah!!!  They worked so hard, following the Engineering Process! 

    Good job, guys!!  9

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  • 3rd Meeting - Challenge: If Pigs Could Fly

    Posted by Wende Powell on 2/8/2016


    After reading a book about things that can fly, we discussed why things fly.  Then, our imaginations went wild as we brainstormed things that would be cool if they could fly!  We had flying cupcakes, flying cows that delivered milk right to your house, flying vehicles, and even flying football players!!  Enjoy the video of the afternoon!




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  • 2nd Meeting - Challenge: Amazing Mazes

    Posted by Wende Powell on 2/1/2016

    For today's challenge, we learned how to develop a maze, using a piece of yarn!  We marked where we wanted the route to go, and then built in walls and fake paths.  We had another group try to walk a Lego man through our maze.  In the end, we tried to connect all of the mazes, to make one B-I-G maze!!  Check out the fun!!


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  • 1st Meeting - Challenge: Mystery Bag

    Posted by Wende Powell on 1/11/2016

    At the first meeting, we developed our club guidelines and then started working on our first challenge.  It was to build a creation using the 2 Cups of bricks that were in our Mystery Bag.  We could incorporate one extra 'special item' (set of wheels, robotic arm, 12' rope, etc.) into our design.  If needed, we could build on a base.  Check out the video of the fun:






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