• Fourth Meeting

    Posted by Wende Powell on 3/21/2016

    For our last meeting, students had to bring in their favorite novel.  Their challenge was to build something that represents the novel's character, plot, or setting.  There were such a variety of fiction and non-fiction books!

    View the video to see some of the fun!


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  • Third Meeting

    Posted by Wende Powell on 3/14/2016

    Challenge:  Build a Chair for Mr. Bear!

    After looking at various chair designs and discussing the pros and cons of their features, teams were given a stuffed bear.  They had to design a chair for their bear - one where the bear could sit comfortably and not fall out.  The chairs were unique; many had special features such as a TV, remote control, popcorn snacks, etc.

    View the video of the fun!!


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  • Second Meeting

    Posted by Wende Powell on 3/7/2016


    2 legos

    This was another fun day!  Students had to LISTEN to directions in making numerals, and they then had to follow the LEGO directions from a LEGO kit.  Click on the link to view the fun we had!!


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  • First Meeting - Leap Day!!

    Posted by Wende Powell on 2/29/2016


    What a fun day it was - a great first meeting!!  After developing the Guidelines for the club, we began our first challenge.  It was:

    Design some type of vehicle to transport our Leap Day frog to the next Leap Year, 2020.  Each student was given a plastic frog and LEGO bricks -- WOW, click on the link to the Animoto video and see some of the creations!!



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