• dance skills video project
    Please create an informative instructional video for a dance skill.  Step one, select a skill you can demonstrate, define, and cue.  Choose your skill in class to prevent doubling up.  Step two, break the skill down and go into detail.  Create imagery that aids instruction.  Include dynamic undertones, basic movements, advance movements and reasons for the skill.  Step three, create an instructional video clip for that skill.  Please demonstrate the skill several times and from several different facings.  Think about common mistakes and how to avoid them when learning this skill.  Have fun, be dynamic and interesting on video.  Your project should be like a mini skirt long enough to cover the subject but short enough to keep it interesting. Use valid dance resources and site your work.  If you have any questions about your sources ask I will help you.  Your assignment is due April 22, 2016.  This is part of your legacy toward the RJR dance department.  Take it seriously!  I will use these video as tools for the following years.