Ch 9 & 10 Earth’s Freshwater             Watershed Model

    Class Set Instructions!


    1.     Crumple up a piece of computer paper.

    2.   Gently uncrumple the paper so that there are still “hills” and “valleys.”  (Don’t flatten it out!)

    3.   Tape it to your table so that all edges lay flat and there is a major mountain range down the center of the paper both lengthwise and widthwise.

    4.   Look at the general “topography” of your “landscape” to get an idea of where the various “watersheds” are.

    5.   Start at one quadrant of your “landscape” and trace the “flow” of water from the divides (mountains) through the watersheds.

    a.   Do not mark on your paper yet!

    b.   Make sure you and your partner agree on where the watersheds are.

    6.   Using a green or black marker, lightly trace the divide of each major watershed – WITHOUT SMASHING YOUR LANDSCAPE!

    7.   Using a blue marker, draw the flow of water through a few of the “V-shaped valleys” (creases) of each of the four watersheds.  This water flow should intersect as a river.  Color in any lakes.

    8.   Carefully untape and straighten out your paper.  Name the rivers after you and your partner and color the 4 watersheds 4 different colors.

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