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    NC 1501-6.2 Child Find for Parentally-Placed Private School Children with Disabilities (a) General. The LEA where the private school is located must locate, identify, and evaluate all children with disabilities who are enrolled by their parents in private, including religious, elementary, and secondary schools, in accordance with paragraphs (b) through (e) of this section. This does not prohibit a parent from requesting an evaluation from the LEA in which the child resides.

    It is the responsibility of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools to identify any child who may have a disability, who is either a resident of the District or who attends a private school within the geographic boundaries of the District, even if the student is not a resident of Forsyth County. This responsibility also includes students who are in home schools.

    This service includes special education evaluations of a suspected disability at no charge to parents and the development of an IEP if the child is found eligible.

    However, unless your child is enrolled in a public school (WS/FCS or a charter school), he or she has no individual entitlement to receive some or all of the special education and related services they would receive if enrolled in a public school. A proportionate share plan outlines the type of services your child may receive.

    If your child is found eligible and the team develops an IEP, you need to enroll him or her in WSFCS school to receive the full special education services outlined in the IEP. You may also enroll your child in a charter school, and they will implement the IEP.

    1. The Initial Referral - If you suspect your child has a disability and needs special education services, your first step will be to contact the school they would attend if enrolled in WS/FCS and request an evaluation. When you request a special education evaluation for your child, this is called a referral. Use our School Locator tool to find the school or call WS/FCS Student Assignment at 336-748-3302.
    2. You should make your referral request in writing, sign it, and make a copy for your files. Send your request to the school principal. The principal is the representative of the District for parent referrals. This role is referred to as the Local Educational Agency (LEA) representative.
    3. Gather all of your documentation that causes you to suspect your child may have a disability as defined by the NC Policies Governing Children with Disabilities. Together, you and the school-based team will examine this documentation and decide if there is sufficient reason to suspect a disability and, if so, request a comprehensive evaluation.
    4. If the team decides to evaluate, a multidisciplinary process is required. You will have to consent in writing to the evaluation plan. The IEP team will ask your child's private school teachers to participate in the process by providing further documentation, research-based interventions, and observations. Without their cooperation, the process may not be as comprehensive as it needs to be.
    5. After all the evaluation procedures are completed, you will be invited to attend an eligibility meeting with the team to determine if your child qualifies for an IEP. If so, the team will develop an IEP. This process may require an additional meeting.

    Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools is also committed to identifying children before their third birthday to provide early intervention services for three and four-year-olds with disabilities. If you have questions or concerns regarding your child's development and would like to have him/her screened, please call the Preschool Intake Office at the number below to set up an appointment.

    For further information regarding Child Find or if you suspect your student may have a disability and need special education and/or related services, please contact:

    For K-12 students, contact the EC Division at 336-727-2083 and ask for Janet Yarrison or email questions to

    For preschool students, contact the Preschool Intake Director at 336-703-4199.

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