• Dear parents and student-athletes,

    Wake Forest Baptist Health has partnered with the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools to offer FREE High School Pre-Participation Physicals to WF/FCS high school student-athletes. Each year nearly 350 high school boys and girls take advantage of this free offering. This year’s sports physical event will be held at Medical Plaza – Miller at 131 Miller Street in Winston-Salem on Saturday, June 1st, 2019.

    The purpose of the high school physicals is to try to find any pre-existing issues that can be corrected so the students can play more safely. A thorough orthopeadic and medical examination is done by our WFBH specialists to minimize the risk of serious injuries that can be caused by underlying health issues. While athletics support an active and healthy lifestyle, there are inherent risks of injury, especially as sports become more rigorous in high school.

    This exam is a screening for high school sports only. It is not a complete physical. This screening exam does not replace the need for annual physicals with a doctor. We strongly encourage all athletes to see their primary care provider each year for a complete physical.

    To make this experience as pleasant and smooth as possible, please read the following information:

    •   Prior to the event, please complete the medical history section of NCHSAA Sports Pre-participation Examination Form together, athlete and parent. You must explain any “YES” answers to the questions at the bottom of the form or this form will be considered incomplete. These forms are available online at the Winston- Salem/Forsyth County Schools website. You may also contact your school’s athletic trainer to obtain the forms.

    •   Please sign all the forms. We will be unable to complete the sports physical without the proper signatures on all forms.

    •   We cannot clear athletes to play if their vision does not meet the requirements. If the student athlete wears glasses or contacts at any time, they must wear or bring them with to the sports physical event.

    •   Your high school will be assigned a specific time by the Athletic Director for you to arrive for the event. Please arrive during your high school’s designated time with all required forms completed and signed.

      This is especially important for any athlete with a chronic medical condition such as asthma, heart problems, seizures, diabetes, kidney problems, or bleeding disorders. Athletes with these chronic conditions should be seen by their doctor for their sports physical. We will not be able to accept these athletes for this event. Please let us know if you need help getting an appointment with a physician.

      The goal of offering these sports physicals at no cost is to make athletics possible for all our high school student-athletes, but the true mission is to keep these young athletes healthy and safe. Atkins students should arrive between 8:20 and 9:00 on this date.

      Wake Forest Baptist Health Sports Medicine Team





    Forms Needed for Participation in Athletics and Marching Band

    The physical form should be completed by all students participating in Atkins athletics and marching band prior to the first day of practice.    All forms should be turned in to the athletic trainer.  No part of this should be turned in until everything is completed. The form may be downloaded here.  If your family does not have insurance, you must purchase insurance before your student may participate in athletics or marching band.  Information may be found here, and a claim form for this insurance may be found here.