• Mount Tabor Tennis

    Mission Statements of Mt. Tabor Tennis

    1-Provide an environment for the continued pursuit of Mt. Tabor’s 3E’s:  “Excellence in Every Endeavour” by the motto, “Excellence on Every Court.”  

    2- Provide an opportunity for the promotion of collaborative skills in preparation for a lifetime of teamwork. 

    3- Make lifelong health an expectation for all players. 

    Being on the Mt. Tabor Tennis Team will be a fulfilling and challenging educational experience for each player.   Players will work diligently and experience many triumphs and may difficulties as well; dealing with both will be an excellent preparation for any post-high school experience.  Being on the Mt. Tabor Tennis team will teach each player to manage their schedule and juggle competing time slots for each week of the season.  A high reliance on individual responsibility is key to all successful tennis seasons. 


    Philosophy and Coaching Approach of Mt. Tabor Tennis

    “Preparation is everything.  Winning on game day is built up from attitudes developed over a long period of time.  Fancy speeches, slick uniforms, and nice equipment are nothing compared to preparing.” 

    -Robert Neyland, Legendary Tennessee football coach


    Wishing to be better at tennis is different than training to be better.  The difference is how much focus is put in the endeavor.  Keep in mind:

    ·      The Fall doesn’t lie:  it tells the coaches exactly how the summer was spent.

    ·      Players are expected to attend all practices with their best physical and mental preparation at the session.  Be a smart eater, a voluminous drinker of water, and an excellent sleeper.   

    ·      A decision to play for Mt. Tabor Tennis Team is a commitment to make this program a priority in your extra-curricular activities.  Failure to prioritize Mt. Tabor tennis hurts your team from being the best it can be. 

    ·      All players must understand that playing for Mt. Tabor HS is a privilege and not a right.  All athletes from all schools for all time must understand that they represent their entire institution.  This is not a fair standard but it will be true for your entire life.  A simple illustration of this inherent fact is remembering a player from another school who was not a “class act”.  Notice how easily that can be generalized to all members of that team and school.  Mt. Tabor Tennis players are representing every Spartan at our school and we are counting on our athletes to represent Mt. Tabor with class.