I. Quia Context Clues



     II. mini activity 7th







    III. Riddles

    1) It's a Sick World

    People often visit me
    but usually not by choice.
    I make them feel more comfortable
    when I use a soothing voice.

    I went to school a long, long time
    to learn just how to heal.
    Now I can treat a cold, the flu,
    the mumps...it's no big deal.

    So stick your tongue out at me;
    let me look inside your nose.
    I'll check you out all over,
    from your head down to your toes.

    I can tell that you don't like it here
    by the way you fuss and squirm.
    But an apple a day just might keep me away....
    (unless you bite into a worm!)

    Who Am I?


    2. Serves You Right

    Just ask me for a favor
    and I'll do it right away.
    I'll bring you anything you want
    on my big silver tray.

    A juicy steak, some chicken
    or how 'bout a cherry pie?
    I'll bring it out to you
    because I'm just that kind of guy.

    When your water's getting low
    I will have someone refill it.
    If your meat's a little underdone
    I’ll find someone to kill it.

    I stay inside the restaurant
    but I still make a lot of trips.
    I don't ask for advice
    but people often give me tips.

    Who Am I?


    3. Drill Team

    I love to ask you questions
    when it's hard to answer me.
    I don't know why I do that,
    but I do it constanty.

    You come to me when you're in pain,
    and then, I cause you more.
    I hate to do it, but to truly heal,
    you must feel sore.

    Your smile is important;
    it's my job to make it shine.
    But I warn you - too much sugar
    makes your mouth a small gold mine.

    You're very brave to visit me,
    and I hope that you come back.
    I won't give you a medal,
    but I'll take away your plaque!

    Who Am I?


    4. Feeling Snippy

    I'm on my feet all day,
    But I will offer you my chair.
    And we can yack the time away
    while I fiddle with your hair.

    No matter what you looked like
    when you walked in my salon,
    I'll fix you up in no time;
    Look at that - split ends all gone!

    Some dye, some mousse,
    a little spray, a dab or two of gel.
    I've made your hair look beautiful.
    It's crooked, but oh well.

    I almost feel as if we're friends,
    And I just want to remind you
    that when you come to visit me
    I'll always stand behind you!

    Who Am I?


    5. A Novel Idea

    Whatever I imagine
    I can somehow make turn real.
    I have no special powers,
    just some talent and some zeal.

    Sometimes I stay up really late
    and type the night away.
    (It drives my family crazy
    but they love me anyway!)

    I’m kind of a perfectionist,
    I edit and amend.
    Not ‘til every word is just right,
    have I truly reached “The End”

    I bring fantasy to life
    with every page I scrawl upon.
    And even though the stories end,
    the words are never gone.

    Who Am I?