• About Me


    Greetings! With regard to my background, I will keep it straightforward. I was born and raised in Savannah, GA. I had the pleasure of growing up surrounded by Savannah’s rich history and culture; a fact that led to me having a keen fascination with all things history-related. In 2002, I went to Georgia Southern University to obtain my undergraduate degree in Political Science and History. Afterwards, I pursued a Master of Public Administration degree with an emphasis in community planning from GSU as well. I worked on creating a city plan for a town in Southeast Georgia known as Sylvania. If you sneeze, you might miss it!

    I have served as a member of Americorps and worked in Nashville, TN to create and utilize a colorectal and prostate cancer education program. By 2010, I found myself desiring to get into a classroom and benefit the community through the means of education. I then received my Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Georgia (I do love GA) with an emphasis on social studies education. Since then, I have found myself in North Carolina teaching social studies.

    I have been teaching in Winston-Salem for nine years and this will be my fifth year at Atkins, to which I am honored to serve. One thing you’ll find out about me fairly quickly is that I have a passion for cultivating an interest about the world in students. Helping them find their own fascination about the world and their own deep questions keeps me energized throughout each day. It is my aspiration that every student I teach walks away with relevant skills, a greater understanding about the world around them, how it functions, and where they want to be as citizens and human beings.

    With regard to my family, I am married to a wonderful teacher who also serves in Winston-Salem. We spend our time shopping for antiques and other ancient finds, hiking, and travelling to see as many historical sites and museums as we can fit into a lifetime!