• About Me
    I am beyond excited to be a part of the dynamic staff here at Atkins.  When I was in high school, teaching was not something I thought I was capable of doing.  I wanted to be an actress and singer.  Not the best career choice for an introvert who happened to also be tone-deaf.  So, my first year of college I majored in English because I loved to read.  At the time, I thought I’d end up as a journalist or writer of some sort.  Working my way through college, I worked in the hospitality industry, as an interpreter for hearing impaired students, and as an administrative assistant for an attorney, an insurance agent, and a real estate broker.  One day, I volunteered as an intern for a teacher in my hometown.  I remember being so marveled by her.  This teacher was so poised, and her students, so attentive.  I could actually “see” the light bulb going off in their heads.  From that moment on, I knew I was a teacher.  Someone who could shepherd students onto a new path, navigate them through rocky waters, and cheer in celebration at their victories.
    I am certified in Science, Social Studies, English/Language Arts, High School Science, and Technology Education.  I earned a M.A in Science Education.  Additionally, I am a National Board Certified Teacher in Science.  As an eternal optimist, I am always dreaming of the next degree or certification.
    The majority of my time is spent reading and learning about a myriad of topics and issues or spent in contemplation just being grateful for the life and liberties I so enjoy.  I also love to travel with my wonderful husband or go bike riding with my daughter.  On weekends, you will find me cooking, gardening, hiking or doing volunteer work.
    I know you will enjoy your time spent here at Atkins, a school that will provide you with a strong academic foundation and excellent opportunities for enrichment.  May your thirst for learning never be quenched!