• About Me
    I was born and raised in New York and follow the New York Yankees, New York football Giants, and the New York Knicks. I went for my undergraduate degree at the University of Hartford in Connecticut and got a bachelors in History (specializing in Asia and the Middle East). I moved to North Carolina to be with family in 2009 and received my masters in history education from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. I have since then received certification in the academically gifted and in an advance placement course.I am also married to a wonderful woman who is also a teacher and we have a daughter Cara, son Declan, and dog Gwen. 
    I love history, always have and I can not think of a history topic that I don't find fascinating. I am an energetic person and it shows in the way I teach and I hope to pass my enthusiasm onto my students. I like to stress that just because this is a social studies class does not mean the other subjects go out the window. Students will be reading informative texts and writing about that information in the highest level thinking possible. History may not seem important to some and others do not see how it helps them for the future. I simply ask those people how do we solve today's problems without knowing how they became problems in the first place? Or, how do we solve problems without knowing how to solve them in our system of government? History classes can begin to help solve problems and issues within our society and lives. Today's history class is less about memorizing dates and facts but more about the big ideas and themes that are in history and tied to all aspects of life. I hope you can be prepared, organized, and think critically for this coming school year!


Last Modified on August 24, 2020