• About Me
    Welcome to Health Science where students have the opportunity to earn a future in a gratifying and well paid career. As a teacher, I do everything I can to help our hard working students take the first steps into the health care professions. I am from New Orleans and arrived in Winston- Salem in 1987 as a short term travel nurse. I soon fell in love with both the area and the husband I met here, so 29 years later this is home.  I am very committed to the profession of nursing and our community, therefore when the opportunity to teach future medical professionals arose I seized the vocation. This is my sixth year at Atkins and I could not be prouder of our students. Seeing them grow into skilled CNA’s on their way to college makes taking on an additional career very gratifying.  Even better, many alums return and let us know of their continued success in college and the work world. If you are a former student, feel free to send an e-mail. We at Atkins think of you often.