• About Me
    Salvēte! I am very excited to be a part of the Atkins community. I was born in Austin, TX, but spent most of my childhood in Western Michigan before moving to Asheville, NC shortly before I started high school. I studied Classical Languages (Latin and Greek) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and spent a few years teaching Latin in Asheville before moving to WSFCS.

    Latin and Classical Studies are something I'm passionate about for innumerable reasons; the language elegantly blends the poetry of a language with the rigorous rules of a science, and the process of studying and translating Latin opens up problem-solving pathways one's brain may not otherwise experience. Additionally, reading and understanding words and passages written 2000 years ago is a striking phenomenon, and leaves one with an astonishing sense of what really has, and hasn't, changed about human nature and the world at large throughout recorded history in the Western World.

    I believe that the study of the Classics can benefit every student and help prepare them for the modern world, and I look forward to sharing that with the Atkins community.