• About Me
    My name is George Eckart and I am very excited about returning to Atkins High School for the 2019/20 school year.
    I enjoy the energy and enthusiasm young people display when they explore possible career paths as they take advantage of all this school has to offer.  There are so many different ways to make a living and Atkins HS provides a great sampling of possible STEM career paths.  I'm honored to be a part of the team.  My goal is to help young people begin to find their passion in the "STEM-world."
    I enjoy new challenges and have taught everything from Astronomy to Earth Science to PLTW to Scientific Visualization and Game Art & Design.  I'll be pushing my own "Growth Mindset" this year as I teach (and learn) both AP Computer Science Principles and DIgital Design and Animation.  I particularly enjoy teaching CTE classes because students really have a chance to apply knowledge that they learn in all their other classes. 
    In addition to teaching, I've also spent ten years in the Civil Engineering field where I've worked for both private and public agencies and hold a professional engineering (PE) license in both Florida and North Carolina.  One of my side projects this year is to work on writing some code to develop traffic simulations to help solve various real-world problems on our streets and highways.
    When I'm not teaching, I might be found with my head under the hood of a car, playing my guitar, or (more likely) taking orders from my wife and kids.  Being a life-long learner is fun, and I will never tire of trying to keep an old car running smoothly, learning a new guitar lick, thinking about physics when my son throws perfect football spirals, or trying to make a hyper-realistic animation in 3ds Max!
    Let's have a great school year and keep in mind that we are all "smart" in different ways.  "Failures" in my class will not reveal our shortcomings and limitations.  Instead, they will point us towards new ways of solving problems as having a Growth Mindset and a lot of persistence are the keys to success in my classroom.