• About Me
    Terry Howerton
    It is my privilege to introduce students to the world of biotechnology. I act as an instructor of several of the elective Biotech courses we offer here, and I help connect students to opportunities and experiences in the local bioscience community.  This is my 29th year of teaching after getting my Master's degree from Wake Forest University. I had the opportunity to do some work in a research lab and now feel fortunate to share that experience and excitement with my students. The future of our community lies in the hands of those students who are willing to develop the talents and skills that they naturally possess.                                        
    Over the last several years, I have taken the opportunity to be involved in various externships/fellowships at Syngenta, Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine and the Bioscience Industry Fellowship Program. The knowledge that I have gained in these experiences have been translated into the classroom as I design activities for students to learn about these topics.  It is my hope to encourage my students to believe that they can make a huge difference in this world by investing their time in scientific research.
    By teaching content that is relevant to our community, using research-based teaching strategies, and building deliberate relationships with our students, we can prepare them to meet the high-tech future that awaits them. I feel blessed to be a part of this endeavor.
    There are several hands-on lab courses that I teach.  You may find out more about them by clicking on the links in the contents menu to the left.  We also offer several clubs and after school activities that address STEM-related interests.  Please take time to peruse my website and see what we have to offer.