Earth Science

    Earth and Environmental Science is a course designed to inform students of Earth’s history, structure, composition and activity above and below the surface, the use and limits of Earth’s natural resources and the universe surrounding the Earth.  

    Earth and Environmental Science has 9 goals that will be covered in this class:

    1.         Explain Earth's role as a body in space.

    2.         Explain how processes and forces affect the lithosphere

    3.         Understand how human influences impact the lithosphere

    4.         Explain the structure and processes within the hydrosphere

    5.         Evaluate how humans use water

    6.         Explain the structure and processes within our atmosphere

    7.         Analyze patterns of global climate change over time

    8.         Explain how the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere individually and collectively affect the biosphere.

    9.         Evaluate human behaviors in terms of how likely they are to ensure the ability to live sustainably on Earth.

    This course requires an individual research project.