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     In light of the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and the districts policies, we will be trying to make our Tabor Forum Series virtual when applicable/able. 
    On this page you will find access to the Power Points, handouts given and videos presented during each one of our Tabor Forum Series Events in case you missed it or were unable to attend.  The information given is important to you and your child, so if you would have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Student Service Office at 336-703-6728 for clarification. 


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  • "Welcome to Tabor City"

    Download the powerpoint presentation by clicking here

  • "Launch Pad to College"

     Download the powerpoint presentation by clicking here

  • "Testing 1-2-3: College & Career Readiness"

     Download the powerpoint presentation by clicking here

  • "Financial Aid Presentation"

    presented by Mr. David Gelinas

    Download the powerpoint presentation by clicking here!

  • "Future Ready"

    Download the powerpoint presentation by clicking here!


Below are the Tabor Forum Series from last year. Most information is accurate but some things do change year to year. Please reach out to the Counselors with specific questions.

Launch Pad to College Video Series


    "Spartan Showcase"    

    Check out our Virtual Spartan Showcase and learn about all the amazing opportunities Mt. Tabor has to offer! 


  • "TESTing 1-2-3: College & Career Readiness"    

    Come learn about December and January exams, understand the importance of tests like the PreACT, PSAT, SAT, ACT, WorkKeys, AP Exams, and ASVAB, and get a head start on preparing to meet your educational and career goals beyond high school.  You can view our presentation below or via this link.


    Here are some items we reference in this presentation:

    Additional Resources: Websites mentioned in this presentation

    Understanding your PSAT Scores

  • "Overcoming Teen Challenges"    


    This year we didn't offer a specific forum about teen challenges, but our Student Services Department has created a Virtual Calming Room for students, families, and educators to enjoy.

    In this Virtual Calming Room you’ll find a number of sites, activities, videos, etc. that can hopefully help all when they need to a place to go and get away from stress, or overwhelming feelings, even during these times when we can’t physically have as much freedom as we once did.  Here are a few things we’ve provided:

    • Visual Relaxation Videos
    • Sounds & Music
    • Guided Mindfulness and Meditation
    • Yoga & Stretches videos
    • Coloring, Puzzles, & Games
    • Exercise videos
    • Listening to a story

    In addition, we’re providing Mental Health resources, textline & hotlines, websites, and smartphone apps to help when people are struggling with mental health issues through this Virtual Calming Room. 

    Our goal is that this is a site Mt. Tabor Staff and students can all use as a place to find a little peace and relaxation when needed.  This information will be going out with the weekly announcements but also please free to share with anyone you’d like or incorporate in classes if you feel it could help.  It’s meant as a resource for all – be it for a moment of calming videos and sounds, to escape into an online coloring activity, or to take a minute for meditation.  


    Click the picture below to visit our Virtual Calming Room. 


    Virtual Calming Room


    "College Financial Aid Workshop"

    September 29th at 6:30 pm


    October 1, 2020 is the opening date for completing the 2021-22 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

    Check out the Video of the presentation below and/or the PowerPoint to follow along.


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