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    On this page you will find access to the Power Points, handouts given and videos presented during each one of our Tabor Forum Series Events in case you missed it or were unable to attend.  The information given is important to you and your child, so if you would have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Student Service Office at 336-703-6728 for clarification. 


  • Financial Aid Planning (October 26th)

    Join us as our Student Service Department and guest speaker, Tom Benza from Wake Forest University, discuss the financial factors of scholarships, the FAFSA and Financial Aid at the school level and how they can impact college choice.  Juniors and seniors and their parents are strongly encouraged to attend. 


  • Mt. Tabor Class of 2024: Future Ready Presentation

    September 6, 2023

    Please check out the presentation to see what was shared by Mt. Tabor's Student Services Department about the college application process, the Common Application, teacher recommendations, essays, and how to access and use Naviance!  


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