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    On this page you will find access to the Power Points and handouts given and presented during each one of our Tabor Forum Series Events in case you missed it or were unable to attend.  The information given is important to you and your child, so if you would have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Guidance Office at 336-703-6728 for clarification. 
     **All Tabor Forum Series Events will be held on Tuesdays, at 6:30pm, in the Auditorium, unless otherwise noted**

    September 10    

     “Future Ready”   4 Year College Senior PowerPoint

                             2 Year, Military, Career PowerPoint


    *District Wide*
    Monday September 30th, 2019
    College Fair at the Benton Convention Center, 5pm-8pm
    Make sure to stop by the Mount Tabor table!!

    October 7 *(Monday)                      PowerPoint

     "College Financial Aid Workshop"



    November 19 *(Media Center)        *Local Mental Health Professionals Panel

    "Overcoming Teen Challenges"   


    December 12 *(Thursday)              PowerPoint - Junior Presentation

    "College TESTing 1-2-3"                 PowerPoint - Sophomore Presentation




    January 27 *(Monday)                Spartan Showcase Program

    "Spartan Showcase"  




    February 4 *(Media Center)        Program

    "On Course"                    


    February 18                         PowerPoint

    "Rising Freshman Info Fair"   


    March 5 *(Thursday, 9am-Noon, Gymnasium)

    "Career & Summer Enrichment Fair"    


    April 28                               PowerPoint
    "Launch Pad to College"       Google Slides  



    June 2

    "Welcome to Tabor City"

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